Client list

Here is a partial list describing what I've done for a variety of clients over the last 9 years as a graphic designer, interactive developer & designer, and, recently, as an industrial designer.

  Client Industry Description
  Anne Taylor Loft Retailer of women's clothing Assisted in development of store front facia and interior layout of flagship store in Times Square
  BMW German automobile manufacturer Laid out mailers for BMW Financial Services
  Baltimore Gas & Electric Public works corporation in Baltimore Laid out newspaper ads
  Beanstalk Group, The Brand licensing agency Built and designed elements of (current)
  Bushnell Optics Manufacturer of binoculars and other sports/recreation optics Updated Bushnell web site when new products were added (not current)
  Chase Bank Financial services firm Laid out national newspaper and magazine ads for Chase credit cards
  Countrywide Lending Home lender (recently purchased by Bank of America) Designed web interstitials for the Countrywide web site
  Ernst & Young Leading business consultancy Helped design wayfinding/signage for Manhattan offices
  George Washington University Washington, DC university Updated and designed new elements of admissions web site. Composed music for admissions cd-rom (not current)
  Hong Kong Tourism Tourism board of Hong Kong Designed a web interstitial for a sweepstakes on the Hong Kong tourism web site
  Imperial Bank Financial services firm (now part of Comerica) Built websites for 2 different divisions of Imperial Bank
  Independence Air Airline that was based out of Dulles Airport (no longer operating) Laid out numerous ads for Independence Air placed in all of their serviced cities
  IndyMac Bank Savings and loan Designed banner ads
  Music & Arts Center National retailer of musical instruments with locations throughout the East and Midwest Laid out regional magazine ads
  OldCastle Materials Group Supplier of aggregate, asphalt, and paving services in US Updated web site
  Panasonic Manufacturer of electronic devices Built and designed elements of Panasonic's pioneering Professional Broadcast division web site.
  Petco Nationwide retailer of pet supplies Designed banner ads for Petco
  Pfizer Pharmaceutical manufacturer Helped design elements of wayfinding signage for corporate headquarters in ManhSattan
  Roland of America Maker of electronic musical instruments Updated and built new elements of 2 versions of the web site (not current) and designed and built interstitials for various industry events
  Starwood Hotels Umbrella corporation for large hotel chains Assisted in development of an investor's conference installation for the Sheraton and Le Meridien brands at the W Hotel in Times Square
  T. Rowe Price Investment management firm Designed internal print collateral and mass market magazine ads along with many clients' branded investment guides relating to T Rowe's managed retirement services
  Tahiti Tourism Tourism board of the South Pacific chain of islands Updated tahiti-tourisme web site (not current)
  Western Dental Dental health organization with nearly 200 locations in California and Arizona Updated and designed new elements for Western Dental web site (current)
  World Bank, The An international bank existing to assist developing nations around the world Built and designed elements of the 2002 & 2003 annual report websites for The World Bank's IFC division (no longer available online)