About Me

Josh was born in Baltimore and raised in rural central Maryland where he spent much of his young life drawing, listening to Beatles records, not following Lego directions more than once, and learning coarse language from his Grandfather's employees. He went to Christian school, military school, a country day school, and a public high school. After which, he attended the University of Maryland while working for the family business. Fate had plans that led him down a different path when Josh's father decided he didn't want to do the business any more. Now, he was free to pursue adventures that leant to more Josh-like things. So, now here he is.

Josh is a designer trained at Pratt Institute. He is interested in the pure asthetic and calmness of simplicity on either a flat plane or a curved surface.


Drawing and sketching - I have been drawing since before I can remember and it's a big part of me. I am always thinking about how to get better, but my skills serve me well and can effectively communicate anything I need them to.

Model making - Using both my hands, and technology, I enjoy building realistic looking prototypes.

Basic/Intermediate Japanese language - I have taking 30 credits of Japanese language at University and am comfortable with the language (I just haven't been able to use it much for the past 5 years.)

Presentations - My comfort level has risen to the point where I am confident giving presentations to any sized group of people and relish the opportunity to interact with groups when it comes to generating ideas and improving them.


I feel comfortable using new software, quickly learn programs, and am equally happy on a PC or Mac. This is just a partial list of programs and technology that I have used for work.

  Software Cumulative Experience Description
  After Effects <1 year I have used After Effects several times over the years and know enough about it to do some cool stuff. The rust might hold me back for a few hours.
  ALIAS/Maya <2 years After immersing myself in this program for 3 straight months one summer (10-18 hours daily), I feel comfortable that whatever I can't do, I can figure out.
  AutoCad <1 year I have used AutoCad sparingly, but know enough to get up to speed without too much difficulty.
  Director <2 years I have done a few cd-rom projects with Director and know it well enough to get things done... as long as the programming is not really intense.
  Dreamweaver >7 years I know Dreamweaver very well.
  Fireworks >7 years Because I know Dreamweaver, I know Fireworks just as well.
  Flash >6 years I have spent lots of time building sites, cd-roms, and banners in Flash. I am not an expert coder, but I can figure pretty tough problems out when needed, but non actionscript related skills are top notch.
  Freehand >5 years Killed by Adobe's consumption of Macromedia, I used this program just as much as Illustrator and think of it fondly.
  Homesite >3 years I have spent a decent bit of time using Homesite as a back up to Dreamweaver. Does anyone still use it?
  Illustrator >5 years Although I didn't use it a lot for work in the beginning, I have been getting more and more stuff using Illustrator and have gotten pretty good with it. Illustrations, charts, animation setups for Flash... It's all good.
  InDesign >4 years I am wholeheartedly in the InDesign (over Quark) camp and am almost ashamed to admit how much I like the nuts and bolts importance of a program like InDesign and how easy it is made to get it done.
  Microsoft Office >10 years I know how to do lots with every program in the suite, including the composition of complicated macros.
  Photoshop >7 years Photoshop is like a huge dictionary... You can never come to grips with all of it. I know how to do lots of things with it, but will admit my 4 color, hardcore, print production type knowledge could use a little work.
  QuarkXPress <3 years InDesign's infiltration into the previously Quark owned print world has led to a decreased usage of it for work, but I got to know the program pretty well although I'm a little rusty.
  Rapid Prototyping <2 years I have been doing as much prototyping as possible and have familiarized myself with Dimension, Roland, and Z-Corp equipment along with several software packages and job management.
  Sketchup <3 years This is a great little program that I honestly haven't used for work too much, but I have designed an awful lot of houses in it for fun.
  Solidworks <3 years I have been using Solidworks on a regular basis for about 3 years and love it for its ease of use and rock solid modeling. Surfacing seems to be getting easier, and that's great!